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Football - High School Varsity
Football - High School Junior Varsity
Soccer - High School Boys
Soccer - Junior High Boys
Golf - High School Boys and Girls
Cross Country - High School Boys and Girls
Cross Country - Junior High Boys and Girls
Water Polo - High School Boys and Girls
Tennis - High School Girls
Field Hockey - High School
Field Hockey - Junior High
Volleyball - High School Girls
Volleyball - Junior High Girls
Cheerleaders - High School
Football - Junior High
Cheerleaders - Middle School
Soccer - High School Girls
Soccer - Junior High Girls


Basketball - High School Boys
Basketball - Middle School Boys
Basketball - Pony Boys
Basketball - High School Girls
Basketball - Middle School Girls
Wrestling - High School
Wrestling - Junior High
Bowling - High School Boys and Girls
Cheerleaders - High School
Swimming - High School Boys and Girls
Basketball - Freshman Boys
Cheerleaders - Middle School

Spring Sports

Baseball - Varsity
Baseball - Junior Varsity
Baseball - Freshman Boys
Baseball - MS Boys
Softball - Varsity
Softball - Junior Varsity
Softball - Junior High Varsity
Tennis - High School Boys
Track & Field - High School Boys and Girls
Track & Field - Junior High Boys and Girls
Volleyball - High School Boys
Softball - Junior High Pony
Lacrosse - High School Boys
Lacrosse - High School Girls
DODGEBALL FOR LIFE - Annual Benefit Tournament
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