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Author/Illustrator Visits

The PTO in each elementary building annually sponsors at least one author or illustrator visit. Thanks to their generosity, students have the opportunity to meet professional authors and illustrators. In addition, students may also purchase books autographed by these individuals. In the past, Jerry Pallotta, Ralph Masiello, Elvira Woodruff, Shelley Gill, Miriam Cohen, Kevin McCloskey, Pat Brisson, Jane Dyer, Jon Scieszka, Jerry Pinkney, Brod Bagert, and Peter Catalanotto, among others, have shared their talents with our students.

Publishing Centers

Brecknock has a publishing center that is operated by qualified parent volunteers. This center serves as motivation for students to write and read.

Authors' Teas

All three K-4 schools hold Authors' Teas throughout the year. Students from all classrooms are selected to share a piece of writing. An invitation is sent to each child's family stating the time and date of the tea. At the tea, the children read their published works to the audience. These teas serve as a celebration of literacy to honor our aspiring young writers.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

RIF is a national nonprofit organization designed to help children discover the joy and importance of reading. Our RIF project operates as a book give-away program for first graders in Brecknock, Cumru and Mifflin Park. It is co-sponsored by UGI and the school PTO groups. This is Governor Mifflin's 14 year of involvement with this program.

During the course of the school year, first grade students attend three reading-related programs and receive a free book of their choice each time. The programs are planned and presented by the reading specialists, librarians, UGI volunteers, and parent volunteers.

Parents As Reading Partners (PARP)

Our Parents As Reading Partners (PARP) programs operate in all elementary buildings and are an integral part of the total Communication Arts curriculum. Each building runs a slightly different program. However, the intent of the programs is to encourage parents to read with their children at home for 15 minutes or more each evening. Reading to children may be the most powerful contribution parents make to their child's success in school.

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