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Quarter 1:

  • Count by 5’s to 50.
  • Count by 2’s to 20.
  • Write numbers 1-20.
  • Compare pairs of numbers less than 16.
  • Count up by 1’s starting with any number up to and including 20.
  • Count back by 1’s, starting with any number up to 10.
  • Count up to 20 objects.
  • Count up and back by 1’s on the number grid starting at any number.
  • Exchange pennies for nickels.
  • Calculate the values of various combinations of pennies and nickels, up to 40 cents.
  • Find combinations of numbers that add to 10.
  • Solve simple addition and subtraction number stories.
  • Tell time to the nearest hour using an analog clock.
  • Write and count tallies.

Quarter 2:

  • Complete Frames-And-Arrows diagrams, using a number grid
  • Identify and extend visual patterns.
  • Solves simple addition and subtraction problems by skip-counting on the number line and number grid.
  • Solve simple addition and subtraction number stories.
  • Find simple sums and missing addends.
  • Order and compare numbers to 50.
  • Identify numbers as even or odd
  • Name and identify the value of pennies, nickels, and dimes.
  • Calculate the value of pennies, nickels, and dimes up to 75 cents.
  • Measure objects to the nearest inch.
  • Tell time to the nearest half hour. 

Quarter 3:

  • Understand place value for tens and ones.
  • Compare numbers using <, >, and =.
  • Find equivalent names for numbers.
  • Know +1 and +0 facts to ten.
  • Know double sums to ten.
  • Solve simple addition/subtraction number stories.
  • Know addition facts to 10.
  • Calculate fact families.
  • Find missing numbers and/or the missing rule for “What’s My Rule?” problems.
  • Sort and identify objects by attributes.
  • Measure objects to the nearest centimeter.
  • Show digital notation for time.
  • Name and identify value of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.
  • Calculate the value of coin combinations:  P, N, D, and Q to a dollar.
  • Identify two-dimensional shapes.
  • Identify three-dimensional shapes and know their characteristics.
  • Identify symmetrical figures.
  • Identify polygons and know their characteristics.

Quarter 4:

  • Identify fractional parts of regions.
  • Identify fractional parts of sets.
  • Calculate sets of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies up to $2.00.
  • Solve addition/subtraction numbers stories.
  • Understand place value for 100’s, 10’s and 1’s.
  • Compare fractions less than 1.
  • Find equivalent fractions.
  • Identify and use patterns on the number grid.
  • Make change for amounts less than $1.00.
  • Know addition facts for +1, +0, and doubles to 10.
  • Solve 2-digit addition and subtraction problems using a number grid.
  • Solve addition and subtraction facts to 10.
  • Exchange pennies for nickels and nickels for dimes.
  • Skip count by 5’s and 10’s to 100.
  • Skip count by 2’s to 60.
Brecknock Elementary DR. MARYELLEN KUENY, principal
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