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buildingThe art program at Cumru includes a wide spectrum of projects. In the elementary art program, students experience many concepts such as line, color, shape, design and portraits through hands on experiences. Some lessons include teaching through the study of a “master artist.” It is hoped students will learn to recognize artists and their styles. Various mediums such as charcoal, pastels, watercolor, clay, colored pencils, crayons, tempera paint, paper maché, markers, and cut paper are used to prepare a final product. Due to the medium used in art class, very casual dress is suggested for art class day.

Students participate in a week-long program, Art Goes to School, where volunteers study artists and their artworks. A museum-like trip experience takes place right in the art room.

The Artist in Residence program offers children exposure to a famous illustrator or craft artists.

In March, during Youth Art Month, Cumru children’s artwork is showcased at local banks, and placemats are printed with artwork for community restaurants. The children’s talents are exposed locally so they and their families can take pride in their talents.

During Spring Open House, all students participate in the Cumru Art Show. Each student has a piece of artwork displayed. The children’s artwork is also displayed in the Board of Education meeting room at the Administrative Building. These pieces best illustrate the concepts studied in the elementary art curriculum.

In all of these exciting programs, the art department can benefit from your support. If you can volunteer your valuable time, the children of Cumru will benefit.

Cumru Elementary RICHARD KASKEY, principal
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