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Support the Education Foundation by purchasing a brick for our Commemorative Court! Scroll down for more details.

What is an Education Foundation?

An Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization established to receive and allocate resources that will serve to enhance the district's educational program. Through the foundation, donors can dedicate financial gifts or tax deductable contributions of security, property, equipment and/or services and subsequently be assured that their gifts and/or contributions will be utilized to enhance the district's educational program.

Governor Mifflin Education Foundation

The Governor Mifflin Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to seeking individual gifts and bequests and corporate gifts which can be awarded to support projects and teaching deemed by the trustees to advance excellence in education and to be of mutual benefit to the school district and the local community. The intent of the board is to fund projects by drawing from interest and not from the principle of the Foundation account.

Through its Board, the Foundation will solicit contributions in the form of property or direct financial support. In addition, the Foundation will seek contributions from a broader population base including, alumni, parents, students and friends of the district. The district's staff has also been asked to support the Foundation's efforts by authorizing a contribution in the form of payrol deductions.

The Foundation is designed to enchance the district's educational program and will support exciting and innovative ideas that would serve to foster "cutting edge" approaches to learning. The Foundation does not, however, provide funds to subsidize that which the district's budget should finance (i.e. field trips, textbooks, general supplies, etc.).

Funded Projects

Over the past years, the Governor Mifflin Education Foundation has received over $300,000 in Education Improvement Tax Credit funding. This money has been utilized to enhance the district's instructional program through the purchase of:

  • STARLAB - An interactive and exciting portable planetarium that can accommodate 25-30 adults and children.
  • Digital Arts Center - A high school computer-based art center that enables innovative practices with images, digital editing and animation.
  • Video-conferencing Technology - A district-wide program that permits Governor Mifflin studetns to pursue distance learning opportunities and interactive experiences with those outside the school district.
  • Web-based Instruction - Utilizing computers, Internet and wireless laptop computers, teachers utilize publisher's servers and other net-based information to design interactive learning experiences for students. Funding has been used to ensure site licenses and additional laptop technology.
  • Technology Education Hardware and Software - Funding has been used to purchase technology education hardware and software that enable Governor Mifflin students to use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology as part of the Technology Education Program.

To learn more about the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, click here.

Commemorative Court

For a $60 donation you can have your name and graduating class year on a brick that will become part of the Commemorative Court on the senior high school campus. Each brick is a donation to the Education Foundation that will continue to support innovation and creativity within the District's schools. Don't be a missing piece in the Commemorative Court! Click here to download an application form.

Foundation Board Officers

Mr. Ronald Dunkelberger, Sr. - President
Mr. Richard Burkey - Vice President
Dr. Karen Rule - Treasurer
Mr. Marc Althen - Secretary

Dr. Daniel G. Bulinski - Governor Mifflin School District Superintendent
Ms. Melissa Fullerton - Foundation Liasion

Questions concerning the Governor Mifflin Education Foundation should be directed to:
Melissa Fullerton
Director of Public Information
Governor Mifflin School District

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