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Brecknock Area

Brecknock Township is a rural area located in the southern part of Berks County. As of the 2000 census, the Township had a population of approximately 4,500 residents. Brecknock Elementary School is located on one of the main thoroughfares through Brecknock (Rt. 568) and serves the residents there. Maple Grove Raceway, a quarter-mile long straight racetrack featuring NHRA Drag Racing, draws thousands of race fans for regional and national races throughout the year. Sovereign Park, a collection of soccer fields, is home to the Governor Mifflin Soccer Club and hosts many games and tournaments. Rt. 625 provides easy access to the other boroughs/townships in the district and the greater Reading area, while Rt. 568 provides access to Rt. 222. Brecknock residents appreciate this area for its beautiful rural appeal and proximity to schools, restaurants and businesses. Click here for a list of resources in this area.

Cumru Area

The Township of Cumru includes residential, commercial and industrial areas that cover twenty-two square miles. As of the 2000 census, Cumru Township's population was 13,816 residents and continues to grow. Mifflin Park Elementary School, Cumru Elementary School, and the Intermediate School are all located in Cumru Township. The residents of the Township enjoy the proximity of major transportation arteries like Interstate 176 and US Rt. 422 which travel in the east/west direction and US Rt. 222 which travels in the north/south direction. Cumru Township is also home to the Nolde Forest Environmental Center, a beautiful state park that covers more than 665 acres of deciduous and coniferous woodlands and offers many community education programs. There are a variety of restaurants in the Township, from fine dining to fast food and take-out. Cumru Township also operates a modern playground, volleyball and basketball courts and the Warren House, a Township-owned building that hosts community fitness programs and is available for private functions. The residents of Cumru Township enjoy living here because of its rural/suburban diversity and its easy access to downtown cultural activities and neighboring commercial centers. Click here for a list of resources in this area.

Shillington Area

Shillington is a small town nestled among other suburbs just outside of Reading, PA and includes a mix of both businesses and residences. Although it only takes up one square mile of land, it serves as the “hub” of the Governor Mifflin School District: the main campus, which houses the Middle School, High School, and Education Center are located here. Lancaster Avenue, Shillington's main street, angles its way through the borough and connects the community to shops and businesses that have served the district for years. Shillington Shopping Center, a major shopping destination for residents throughout the district, is also located in Shillington and lies adjacent to the Governor Mifflin High School Campus. Shillington also maintains a beautiful sprawling borough park, swimming pool, several pavilions and a playground complex that contain a baseball field and tennis courts for residents of the district. Shillington Park, like the other playgrounds and parks in the district, runs a summer playground program for children. Shillington's Borough Hall, at the corner of Lancaster and Philadelphia Avenues, is one of the most picturesque seats of government in Pennsylvania. The Mifflin Community Library is also located at this intersection. Much of Shillington's population includes long-term residents who enjoy living here because it is a great place to work, go to school and raise a family. Click here for a list of resources in this area. 

Kenhorst Area

Kenhorst is a quiet borough located just outside of Shillington and has a population of 2,679 residents as of the 2000 census. Kenhorst is home to the Kenhorst Plaza, another important shopping destination and frequent stop for residents of the district. The borough also features the KenGrill Recreation Center which contains three swimming pools, baseball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, pavilions and a playground over thirteen acres. Kenhorst also has a one-mile section of the Thun Trail, a nature trail perfect for running, biking and walking. The trail connects the KenGrill Recreation Center to Angelica Park in Reading and follows Angelica Creek, making it a beautiful place to exercise and relax. Kenhorst is an ideal place to live in the district because of its proximity to the district's main campus, area businesses and recreational activities. Click here for a list of resources in this area.

Mohnton Area

Mohnton is a small, close-knit community located just outside of Shillington. As of the 2000 census, Mohnton's population was 2,963 residents. Many families in Mohnton choose to live in Northridge, a popular development in the school district. Although primarily residential, there are several restaurants, businesses, and a shopping center that are popular with residents throughout the district. Mohnton is also home to many prominent companies, like GAI-Tronics and Dolfin International Group. The Mohnton Borough has a beautiful community park which features a playground, pavilion, baseball fields and a jogging path that follows Wyomissing Creek. Also famous throughout the district are Mohnton's Memorial Day and Halloween Parades in which many Governor Mifflin students participate. Click here for a list of resources in this area.

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