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The Governor Mifflin School District is surrounded by organizations and community members that volunteer their valuable time to help our students. Whether it is PTO/PAC family members, alumni, the Boosters organization, area businesses or any other area community group, our students enjoy many activities and resources made possible by these caring and giving individuals.

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Governor Mifflin School District is proud to partner with the Market Street Sports Group based in Lancaster, PA. The collective goal in this partnership is to bring companies and organizations the unique opportunity to become involved in a dynamic marketplace within the Governor Mifflin School District through corporate sponsorship.

The combination of dedicated students, involved faculty, parents and community members, along with state of the art venues, will enable companies to benefit from a previously unexplored marketplace. Procuring these partnerships will allow Governor Mifflin to continue to enhance the experiences for its students and residents district-wide.

Market Street Sports Group is currently soliciting proposals for naming rights to various venues within the Governor Mifflin campus. Click here to view a list of sponsorship inventory items.

Please contact Market Street Sports Group at 717-509-2803 or via email at jbertoni@marketstreetsportsgroup for more information on how your business can becom a corporate sponsor.

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