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Are You Moving?

If your family's home address and/or home phone number is changing, please call or email Mrs. Lisa Negri (610-775-1461, ext. 1105) in the Student Information Department.
The school district requires parents to provide Proof of Residency, such as a lease or sales agreement. Mrs. Negri will review this documentation with parents and confirm the residents involved in the change of address. Once Proof of Residency has been received, parents can call or email the director of transportation, Mrs. Joanne Witmoyer (610-775-1464), to obtain updated bussing information.

By following this procedure, the District aims to improve the efficiency of the address change process, improve the accuracy of information in PowerSchool and census data, and eliminate confusion often resulting from multiple siblings with different surnames.
Your cooperation and support are appreciated. Please contact Mrs. Negri with any questions.

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