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Title I is a federally funded program which provides extra academic assistance to children in reading in all three elementary buildings. Each building is staffed with two Title I reading specialists.

The purpose of Title I is to help children succeed in the regular program, attain grade-level proficiency, and improve their reading/writing achievement in basic and more advanced skills. Students are identified for Title I based on teacher recommendation and diagnostic screening done by a reading specialist.

The Title I program operates as a pull-out program in grades 2-6. This means that Title I students receive extra help form a reading specialist outside their classrooms. They may not be pulled from direct reading instruction during the Communication Arts block of time. The reading specialists may also provide additional assistance to Title I students in their classrooms during writing or guided reading.

The reading specialists meet with the students three to five times per week for 30-40 minute sessions depending on student need and grade level. Students are released from Title I when they are performing consistently at the independent level for their grade.

Language Arts Department – 610-775-1461, Ext. 1123

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