In an effort to reduce paper usage and waste, Governor Mifflin’s preferred method of flyer distribution is through the service Peachjar. This service gives organizations the option to select their target audience from all six Governor Mifflin Schools and Governor Mifflin staff.

District-sanctioned organizations (music groups, PTOs, athletic teams, boosters, etc…) may distribute flyers via Peachjar free of charge by submitting a flyer to the Department of Public Information. Flyers should be submitted via email as a PDF file and must adhere to the flyer approval guidelines

Outside organizations wishing to distribute flyers to students or staff are urged to register for a Peachjar account and submit flyers through the online service. Flyers submitted through Peachjar are subject to approval by the Governor Mifflin Office of Public Information and the Superintendent’s Office and must adhere to the flyer approval guidelines.

Flyers submitted through Peachjar will be distributed via HTML emails to families subscribed to the service and will be accessible on the appropriate school(s)’s webpage via the Peachjar button:


Paper flyer distribution is subject to review by the Office of Public Information and Superintendent’s Office. Requests for flyer approval should be be submitted to the Director of Public Information via email. All flyers should be sent as a PDF file. Requests for paper flyer distribution should be submitted at least three weeks prior to the target distribution date.

Paper flyers will only be distributed to students in grades K-6.

Copies of paper flyers can be produced and batched by the Governor Mifflin Print Shop for a fee.

Outside organizations may also provide copies of paper flyers for distribution. These should be sorted, counted, and delivered to the appropriate building. Counts for each building will be provided if your flyer is approved for distribution.



Melissa Fullerton

Director of Communications & Community Relations

Stephanie Swanger
Publications Secretary


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