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Technology is very prominent at GMIS. Each classroom has four desktop computers for students to use on a daily basis. Classrooms also contain ceiling mounted projectors with built in sound systems. Furthermore, every teacher has a district-issued laptop that works on the building’s wireless network.   

Additional equipment that teachers use with their students includes laptop carts, digital cameras, digital video cameras, Smartboard, scanners, and an Elmo document camera. Teachers integrate technology directly into the classroom experience through lessons, activities and projects incorporating word processing, Internet research, spreadsheets and more.

Furthermore, all students in the building receive computer instruction from our full-time computer teacher. Students attend a 45-minute computer class once per six-day cycle as part of their specials block. Instruction in the lab builds from year to year so that by the time students move to the Middle School they have learned and practiced skills in computer management (such as creating a folder, saving to a network drive, and printing), computer ethics, keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, Internet research, Internet safety and multimedia such as Powerpoint. Each project that is completed during computer class ties carefully and directly into the regular classroom curriculum and incorporates all of the skills from the district's Technology Skills Matrix (K-6). Click here to see the Technology Skills Matrix.

In addition to their weekly formal computer instruction, each class is assigned a weekly time in our second computer lab for additional practice or activities. These activities are created by the classroom teacher or grade level team and complement the classroom curriculum.

Governor Mifflin Intermediate School MR. LEE UMBERGER, principal
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