Mustang Messenger - Winter 2016
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From the addition of THE SCOPE
a competitive rifle
team to hands-on career exploration
opportunities, the Governor Mifflin School District has its sights set on engaging students like never
As the world turned its eyes toward Rio
for the 2016 Summer Olympics, one of the milestones happened early as a 19-year-old from West Virginia University snagged the first gold medal for Team U.S.A. in the women’s 10-meter
air rifle event.
“We could have the next Olympic shooter
in our midst, but would never know,” said John Yount, Governor Mifflin Director
of Safe Schools.
Yount was the driving force
behind the grant that helped provide equipment for a new
district rifle team. He will serve as coach for the inaugural season this winter along with assistant
coach Holly Jo Torres.
On the surface, the addition
of a new athletic team is exciting, but it’s also right on target
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Members of the newly-formed Governor Mifflin Rifle Team will compete against other area schools during the winter sports season.

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