Application Process

Students apply for enrollment at BCTC through their guidance counselor. All student applications are sent to the BCTC where candidates from throughout the county are chosen. Each student application is reviewed according to the following criteria:

Student Interest - The thoroughness of the application is viewed as a measure of the interest of the student applicant. Special attention is paid to what research was done to find information about the career area to which a student is applying. Teacher Evaluation- Students may request evaluations from junior or senior high school teachers of their choice.

Counselor Recommendation

  • School Citizenship - Student behavior and attitudes are noted.
  • Attendance - Students should have strong patterns of school attendance. Attendance is reviewed for patterns over a 3-year period.
  • Grades - While grades are important they are not the most critical item. Grades are reviewed over a 3-year period.
  • Aptitude - Does the student possess the potential to be successful in the field?
  • Health - While not restricting a student’s selection, health concerns are a necessary consideration. Conditions such as color blindness, fear of heights, etc. will affect success in certain programs.


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