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Visit the Governor Mifflin Music Association web site at: www.gmmusic.org

The music program offers students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music and music performance in a group setting. Its goals are to make students aesthetically responsive to music.

Listed below are all of the music classes available to high school students:


Band is a one-credit course for the student who studies a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument and includes units of study in Concert Band and Marching Band. Topics within each unit of study include instrumental performance, music theory, history as it applies to music literature and performance, the aesthetics of music and movement as it applies to integrating music. This course is open to any student who performs, or wishes to begin study, on one of the above-mentioned musical instruments. Public performances, as well as practices outside of the school day, are part of this course. Students from this course are selected for the full orchestra and "Statesmen" jazz band by audition.

Band (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarters)

Students who participate in fall athletic activities worth a maximum of 25 unified points may qualify for an optional exemption from the marching band unit. If an exemption is taken, students will attend Band classes in the first quarter to learn the music and practice with the band during the class period. Students taking an exemption will receive .75 credit for their usual participation in the second, third and fourth quarters.


Orchestra is a one-credit course for the student who studies musical instruments of the string family and includes string orchestra, full orchestra and class lessons. Topics covered include: string instrumental performance, music theory and history as it applies to music literature and performance, and the aesthetics of music. Public performance is a regular part of this course.

Band Front (1st & 4th quarters)

Band Front is a one-half credit course which meets during the first and fourth quarters and concurrently with the marching band. The band front visually interprets the music performed by the marching band through dance, aerobic movement and the use of props. This course is open to any student who has a strong interest in movement as it relates to music.

Vocal Music

Our choral program is unique in that any student who wishes to participate in vocal music may do so. No audition is required for Concert Choir, New Arrangement or Ambassadors. Auditions for Governors and First Ladies are held in the spring for the following school year. Students in Governors and First Ladies, New Arrangement and Ambassadors must be enrolled in the Concert Choir in order to participate in these groups, unless granted permission by the director.

Concert Choir, New Arrangement and Ambassadors perform at the Holiday, Pops and Spring concerts. The Governors and First Ladies, Ambassadors and New Arrangement are often invited to do special performances at service clubs, churches, hospitals and other community events.

Advanced Placement Music Theory
(Weighted 0.1 - Students must take the AP Exam and score at least a "3" to receive the 0.1 weight value)

Advanced Placement Music Theory is a full-credit course designed for the music student who desires to study music at a more technical level. The class follows an advanced placement curriculum much like that of a college freshman theory course. It also prepares the student for the advanced placement test.

The class will explore the aspects of melody, harmony, solfeggio, dictation, composition, form and analysis, notation, progression theory and orchestration. This course is not intended to teach how to play a musical instrument or how to read music. Students should have a general knowledge on how to sing or play an instrument and know how to read music before enrolling in this course. It is ideal for the student who may want to study music beyond high school or who wants to expand their musical knowledge.

AP Music Theory includes the use of music technology and computer application for the creation of music and development of musical compositions. (PREREQUISITES: Department approval)

Music Appreciation

The Music Appreciation is a .5 credit elective course, designed for any student interested in expanding his or her knowledge of music. The class concentrates on the composers, forms and philosophical aspects of music with relation to specific style periods in music history. The course content is designed to give the student a basic understanding of music, making it more meaningful in his or her everyday living. As almost all college curricula includes one semester of introduction to music, the Music Appreciation course will prepare the propsective college student with a fundamental background in music.


This study of civilizations through the arts traces the development of human cultures around the world. From ancient times through the present, architecture, literature, music, philosophy, theater and the visual arts are all explored. Field trips to museums and performances are an integral part of the class.

Music Theory 1

Music Theory 1 is a .5 credit course that can be paired with Music Appreciation. The class will explore aspects of melody, harmony, dictation, basic composition software and computer application. A general understanding of music and note reading is helpful but not a prerequisite for the course.

Governor Mifflin Middle School MR. JOHN ALTHOUSE, principal
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