Grade 5

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 Grade 5


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Class Activities Poetry 
Other Sites of Interest
use these for reward time


Class Activities   TOP

Computer Class Social Studies


Word Processing Revolutionary War Planets in the Solar System

 Word Processing Assessment

word processing tutorial


Mr. Drago's song website

Revolutionary War Events

American Revolution - by PBS

Liberty's Kids -  who, what, where

American Revolution People - biographies   

Our Solar System - by NASA for kids

Star Child planets

Welcome to the Planets


Internet Safety Explorers Simple Machines

 As a class: The Boy who Loved IM video

On your own:NetSmartz UYN Video
Who's Your Friend on the Internet game


Online Safety Brainpop

Lewis and Clark interactive game from National Geographic

Edheads simple machines activity

Simple Machines

Simple Machines Learning Site

Spreadsheets  Underground Railroad Biomes

Use these sites to gather data for your graph:


Graphing the Civil War - battles by state

Costliest Battles - information on # of troops and casualties

Civil War Infographic

worksheet websites:
About the Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad Escape from Slavery - told from a slave's point of view

after the worksheet:

Interviews with ex-slaves-
life in slavery
Underground Railroad

Following the Footsteps - click the next button for each screen. 

National Geographic underground railroad - Do you stay or go?


**Biomes - choose your biome then click on the categories on the left (from the Missouri Botanical Garden)

Blue Planet Biomes - great map, pictures, and plants and animals for each biome

Biomes - from Fact Monster - scroll down to find your biome

Civil War Movie 

Civil War

Language Arts

Make a Civil War mini-movie

Images from Gettysburg
 Civil War Photographs
Images of the Civil War
Civil War Database - scroll down to the Image Database on the left

Black Slide 

What was life like for slaves?

Civil War Timeline

Camp Life - what life was like at battle

 Battle of Gettysburg - info, maps, images, and video

Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3
Theme 4
Theme 5
Theme 6

Spelling City  - 5th grade words

Lead 21 - log in required


Poetry Sites                TOP

Giggle Poetry - click on a category at the top

Poetry 4 Kids - make sure to check out all three categories of poems



Other Sites            TOP

Cool Math 4 Kids - games and activities

Fun Brain - educational games in many subject areas

NASA Kids Club

Wacky Web Tales

The White House for kids

Cosmic Quest - design your own space station

On the Prairie - plant vegetation and lead animals to your own prairie land

Ology - genetics, paleontology, astronomy

Yucky, Gross, and Cool Body



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