Grade 6

Sara Eastman
Elementary Teacher Gifted
Brecknock Elementary School
Cumru Elementary School
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School
Mifflin Park Elementary School


Grade 6


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Class Activities Evaluating Websites
Earthquakes and Volcanoes Other Sites of Interest
use these for reward time


Class Activities   TOP

Computer Class Social Studies  Science
Internet Safety Ancient Egypt Websites Forces and Motion 

Broken Friendships

You Can't Take it Back


Social Networking Prezi

Animoto - use for PSA


Online Safety


Ancient Egypt - by British Museum

The Ancient Egypt Site

Giza Pyramid Fly By video

360 pyramid view

Pyramid Builder - click Launch Game

Pyramid Size - calculate the size

 Roller Coaster Simulation - can you make a thrilling coaster?


Wikipedia Ancient Rome  Pests

Wikipedia prezi

Wikipedia website

Wiki Watch - rate wikipedia articles

Ancient Rome - categories are near the bottom 

Pest World for Kids

 IPM for kids - lots of links

ABC's of IPM - by U. of Nebraska


Citing Resources  Middle Ages Changing Earth

 World Book Online article

Website #1
Website #2

Citation Maker website

Citing Website for research paper

Castle Terms

Explore the Castle

Life in the Middle Ages

Middle Ages for Kids

 Plate Tectonics simulation

 earthquakes and volcanoes

Spreadsheets    Harcourt Reading

Excel review

Excel quiz


Theme 1
Theme 2
Theme 3 
Theme 4
Theme 5
Theme 6

 Spelling City - grade 6

  Glogster - create a poster


Other Sites            TOP

Catapult - design and test

Cool Math 4 Kids - games and activities

Fun Brain - educational games in many subject areas


Wacky Web Tales

The White House for kids

Cosmic Quest - design your own space station

On the Prairie - plant vegetation and lead animals to your own prairie land

Ology - genetics, paleontology, astronomy

Yucky, Gross, and Cool Body


Evaluating Web Sites            TOP

Amusement Park Physics  

May the Force be With You

Laws of Motion

Fear of Physics

Fake Sites To Check Out If You Have Time:
Moonbeam Enterprises
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus




Earthquake Sites Earthquake Proof Buildings Volcano Sites


Earthquake Sites

National Earthquake Info Center
This Dynamic Earth  (Plate tectonics)
Common Earthquake Myths 
Worldwide Earthquake Locator
How Earthquakes Occur (animated)
FAQ on Earthquakes
What to do in an Earthquake
FEMA for Kids: Earthquakes
Earthquakes for Kids
National Earthquake Information Center

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Earthquake Proof Buildings

Earthquake Exercises for Schools: Designing S.
Education Programs: Multidisciplinary Center
Savage Earth: Restless Planet
ABAG Earthquake Quiz
DarylScience's Earth Sci Demo Page
Science Earth - Lesson Plans Webquests
Google Search: earthquake proof buildings
Water Towers 
Table Top earthquakes

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Volcano Sites

Volcano Live 
How Stuff Works: Volcanoes
Volcanoes: Melting Rocks
Make Your Own Volcano

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