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Sara Eastman
Elementary Teacher Gifted
Brecknock Elementary School
Cumru Elementary School
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School
Mifflin Park Elementary School



Life Skills Websites



Social Studies 




Poster My Wall 






 Endangered Animals

Weather pictures from National Geographic

Weatherpix stock photography

Voicethread for our class project


Animal list - use for Why is endangered activity

Especies Fact Sheet 

Endangered Species Guide

Little Bird Tales 



Planets by Enchanted Learning

Planets - easy to read

Solar System for Kids

Parts of a Plant - Brainpop Jr.

Plant Life Cycle - Brainpop Jr.


Social Studies  top


                          Medieval Times        

Civil War

Countries of the World

World Book Kids - type in your country name

Food by Country - choose your country

Discovery Education - log in then choose your country

Country Customs

Knights - general information

Knights - becoming a knight

Parts of a Castle

Castle pictures - scroll down for awesome pics

Jousts and Tournaments - scroll down for jousts



Civil War for kids - scroll down for facts 

Civil War timeline



Flip Book



Math   top




Math Dojo - addition facts

Dr. Brains Robot - practice + and - facts with several levels

Math Baseball - choose an operation and level, then solve facts to score runs

Soccer Shootout - choose an operation and level, then solve facts to score points

Tic Tac Toe - choose an operation then play against the computer

Math Magician - choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division

Spooky Sequence - sequence by 1

Spooky Sequence - sequence by 2 (larger numbers)

Spooky Sequence - sequence by 10

Counting Money - practice counting money by coin or by combination of coins. Provides 3 answer choices

Counting Change - count the amount of coins provided and then type the answer. A video is at the end.

Money Desk - drag coins to the desk for the total amount asked for.


Fishin Mission - count and drag the fish into the net

Sheep Count - drag the sheep so that the given number is in each fenced area

Bus Count - put the given number of kids on the bus

Count the Fish

Count the Bananas

Count Your Chickens

Who has more- count the objects and decide who has more

Oobi Numbers - match the number of objects to the pictures.  Get 3 starts and you win.

Counting by 2's - click the fish with the next number



Holidays   top




Fall movie - Brainpop Jr.

Leaf Creatures - create your own creature out of fall nature

Autumn storybook

Spooky Games - play the pumpkin games, the pumpkin pirate activities, or read the stories at the bottom of the page.

Halloween story

Carve or decorate a pumpkin - then turn your pumpkin into a puzzle

Carve your pumpkin - allows straight cuts without click and drag

 The Elves Save the Day story

Gingerbread Man

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigzone puzzles

 Christmas games

Valentine's Day



Coloring Pages

Matching concentration

Jigsaw Puzzle

Scramble puzzle

One Little Rabbit story

Find the Easter egg - use your mouse to click only the eggs

Easter Coloring pages online - use your mouse to choose a color to paint the picture




 Misc. Topics   top

  Community Helpers

Community Helpers - Brainpop Jr.

What's My Job?

Who's At the Door?

What should firefighter Fran Wear?



Stacking Cups - type the correct letters to stack and unstack cups

Dance Mat typing - several levels, home row

Frog Typing - type words as they fall from the sky before the frogs eat them. Adjustable letters levels

Touch Typing - click the orange button to start then choose a lesson

Typing Games - many games where you can vary key emphasis



StoryPlace Theme List - Firefighters, Clyde's Smile, Engine Nine Party Line

Nick Jr. Stories -


Technology      top







Internet Safety


Netsmartz website


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