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Sara Eastman
Elementary Teacher Gifted
Brecknock Elementary School
Cumru Elementary School
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School
Mifflin Park Elementary School


Mrs. Sara Eastman

This is my 15th year teaching and I have enjoyed being a part of the Mifflin family.  This year after 12 years teaching computer applications at GMIS, I am switching positions and will be the gifted teacher K-6.  I will be traveling to Brecknock, Cumru, the Intermediate School, and Mifflin Park to work with a great groups of students.  I'm looking forward to getting to know all the students, their families, and the schools better.

My Education

I have lived in Berks County almost my entire life.  I went to Wilson for my entire school career (I know I went to the rival but hey, at least I work at Mifflin now).  I started in the gifted program at Wilson when I was in first grade and just recently found some of the projects I worked on in the program.  You just might see some of those ideas surface in our program.

After high school I received a Bachelor's degree in elementary education from Elizabethtown College and then a Master's degree in educational technology and an instructional technology specialist's certificate from DeSales University.

My Classroom

In my classroom, I have always worked hard to create a sense of family and safety that allows students to feel comfortable sharing ideas.  I encourage students to be passionate about what they are learning and take pride in their work.  Students in my classroom are pushed to develop their critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills.  We will work on problem solving skills and looking at different perspectives to truly understand a problem.  Although we will be completing specific units in class, I work hard to get students to realize how the skills they are learning can be applied to all aspects of life, not just the current unit.

My Family

I have been married to a wonderful husband for 12 years.  He is an interior designer and runs his own store in Sinking Spring.  We have two daughters who you will probably hear a lot about.  This year Evelyn is in third grade and is very nervous about taking the PSSAs for the first time.  She loves sports, music, and drama.  Amelia is 4 (going on 16) and is in pre-K.  She loves tormenting her older sister, dresssing up, and anything fun.

In My Spare Time

With a new job and busy family life, it's hard to find spare time.  However, when I do find it I enjoy music, singing, reading, crafts, and shopping.  When I spend time with my family, we often play games together or explore the woods around the family cabin in the Poconos.  One fact about me that people find surprising is that I enjoy using power tools, espeically my compound miter saw!


If there is anything else you want to know about me, just ask!  I'll be glad to share.  Please share your life with me too!

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