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Welcome to Pre-Algebra!!

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Math Dictionary website

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  Module 1: Amazing Feats and Facts

Section 1 Graphing in Excel data
Section 2

Stem and Leaf Plotter
Stem and Leaf Plot interactive activity
- from our textbook website
*Find the Mode
- concentration game
*Stem and Leaf Plot Quiz - see how you do on this 5 question quiz

Box and Whisker Plot interactive activity - from our textbook website

Section 3

*Algebraic Expressions Millionaire - write expressions to go up the ladder

*Matching Equations
- do level 1, for a challenge do level 2 or 3
*Equation basketball - one-step equation game
*Equation Battleship - start with easy level, medium level uses negative numbers
*Who wants to be a  millionaire - evaluating expressions
*Equation Basketball - 2-step equation game

* Like terms and equations jeopardy
* like terms invaders - first level is easy
Simplifying Expressions quiz
- see how you do
Spinner - use this for our class game.  Make sure to change the spinner sections to numbers.

Section 4 Scatter Plot Data file - download this Excel file
Module review  Module 1 practice test

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Module 2- At the Mall


Section 1

Coordinate Plane Game
Walk the Plank game
 - add and subtract
*Grade or No Grade game - multiplying and dividing
*Integers Jeopardy - add, subtract, multiply, and divide
*Integer Four - Like Tic-Tac-Toe - choose the operation, time, and difficult
Basic multiplication fact practice - integers
Teacher Dodgeball - create equations, click Play Now to start
Integer flashcards and practice games -  Quizlet

Section 2  
Section 3

Coin Flipping

Probability Lab - conduct experiments for theoretical and experimental probability

Select a Number Power Point - used in class

Game of Pig
Cereal Toy Investigation
Gumball activity - from our textbook site
*Probability Fishing game
*Probability quiz

Random ball picking machine

Section 4


Response Bias - information on biased questions
Biased Questions - more information

*Using the Proportion method to solve percent problems - great explanation if you need help, questions at the bottom
*Percents and Populations – another good explanation with plenty of examples at the bottom

*Solving Proportions game
Rate, Ratio and Proportion jeopardy
Mixture game - switch mode to Unknown Percent
*Percent games - 3 different games

Section 5

*Percent Jeopardy
*Math at the Mall - solve real world math problems in several stores to win
Percent shopping - purchase items on sale and calculate the price

*Rate of Change quiz
Penguin Waiter - use percentage to calculate tip

Module Review  Module 2 Practice Test

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Module 3 - the Mystery of Blacktail Canyon


Section 1

Square Roots Brainpop - use the school password
*Tic-Tac-Toe square roots
Square Root Jeopardy - some categories are challenging
Square Root questions on quia
Estimating square roots quiz
Square Roots Millionaire

Section 2

*Order of Operations - draw a line to connect the problem to the solution
Order of Operation Connect Four - choose level 3 and check the exponents box

Graphing Equations Brainpop

Section 3

*Slope animation activity - find the slope of missing tracks on a roller coaster

3.3 Foot lengths scatterplot data

Section 4

 Similar Triangles video - Brainpop

Proportions quiz - take this quiz to practice your skills

Section 5

*Scientific Notation - convert scientific notation into decimal  notation
Scientific Notation quiz
Scientific Notation Brainpop

*Pirate Treasure Game - 2-step equations with decimals

Module Review  Module 3 Practice Test - remember to skip the Venn diagram and circle sections


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Module 4 - Inventions


Section 1

Circumference Basketball 
Area of a Circle Basketball
Circle Tool - click on problems to answer the questions about goats
**Circumference and Area of Circle Jeopardy

Circumference of Circles quiz

Section 2 **Surface area of a cylinder - scroll down to the practice section and click start
Section 3 Slope and Intercept brainpop
Section 4

Rational and irrational numbers brainpop

Rational Numbers class activity - Inspiration File

**Rational vs Irrational game

Section 5

Bobby Bear counting principle
Disguise activity using counting principle

*Explanation of topics with sample problems

*Permutations Millionare game

Permutation and Combination videos - click on the video you want
**Topic lesson and exercises

Section 6  
Module Review  Module 4 practice test - remember to skip the slope-intercept questions






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Module 5 - Architects and Engineers


Section 1

*Isometric Drawing Tool - use the instructions at the top to help you 
*Drawing 3D Figures on an Isometric Grid - work on introduction and problem 1

*Point Out the View - game on points of view

Section 2

3D Shapes 

Is the net correct? - does the net match the 3D shape?
*Match the net to the solid shape
*Futuregate shapes game - escape Roboidz and Shades in this game from BBC

Dynamic Paper
Which nets make a cube?

Section 3

In class:
1.  Pythagorean Theorem Brainpop
2.  Lesson, Interactive, and Questions
3.  Pythagorean Theorem Prezi (day 2 lesson)
*Multiple choice game
*Step by Step Game - walks you through each step to solve the problem
*Math and the Greeks game - involves Pythagorean Theorem 
*Pythagorean Theorem Hangman - from our book website
*Pythagorean explorer - solve problems
*Pythagorean Theorem test - answer 10 questions and get a score

Section 4

*Surface Area of Prism - click the compute button at the top and switch to triangular prism at the bottom
*Surface Area of Pyramids - solve the problem step by step and check your answer

Volume of Prism Brainpop
*Volume of Solids animation - from our book website

Section 5

*Complimentary and Supplementary Angles - from our book website
*Complimentary and Supplementary Angles matching - click Start Game below the example

*Angle activity from Shodor website
* angle quiz - answer these questions to see how well you know the angle types

Explaination of corresponding and alternate angles - color codes them for you
Transversals and Angles of Intersecting lines - good information if you need help

Section 6 Scale Drawing Brainpop
Module Review  Module 5 Practice Test

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Module 6 - Visualizing Change


Section 1 Vertical Line test - are the following graphs functions?
Graphing functions
- from our book website
Mystery Operations - try to figure out what the operation is for each function
Section 2

Multi-step equations game - from our book website
Equations Jeopardy 
Algebra Four - like connect four, choose problem types 1, 2, and 4
Algebra Quiz - how many can you get right?  choose problem types 1, 2, and 4

Section 4 Translations - explanation and questions (questions at the bottom of the page)
Module Review  

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Module 7 - The Algebra Connection


Section 1

Brainpop - multiplying and dividing exponents

Exponent rules Activity - from our textbook

Exponent Game
Exponent Battleship
Scientific Notation practice - scroll down to the "Practice" and "Play" sections

Section 3

Solving inequalties Brainpop

Solving Inequalities game - from our textbook

Module Review  

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Module 8

 Fibonacci Sequence Prezi 

Section 1

Arithmetic Sequences game  - choose the game format you would like
Arithmetic Sequence practice

See Fibonacci sequences in nature - click on buttons for outlines

Sierpinski Triangle
Koch's Snowflake
Sierpinski Carpet

Bookr - use for Fibonacci project
Photopeach - use for Fibonacci project if Bookr doesn't work

Section 2  
Section 3

Math Man game - from our textbook
Drawing Quadrilaterals - choose a shape description and then draw it

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 Traffic Jam - can you move people to the opposite end of a line in the fewest number of moves?


  Other Sites

ToonDoo - try creating a cartoon with this site.  Get log in from Mrs. Eastman



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ClassZone website for our textbook


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