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Welcome to the Governor Mifflin Special Education Website on Transition

The Path You Choose Today Will Take You To Your Tomorrow!

The word transition is used in so many different contexts, you are probably wondering what the word means in the context of education. Transition is what we call the process of preparing students to be productive members of the community and the work force. Preparing for adulthood is a challenge for every high school student; however, there are specific issues that special education students often face throughout this process. In order to address these specific issues effectively, we start the Transition process at the age 14 and move full speed into the process by the time our students are 16 years of age. We work with students and their families to prepare them for what they will encounter upon graduation and provide support towards meeting their goals in regards to career development and independent living. This planning process takes place in a variety of ways, each plan being individualized to meet each students needs in achieving their goals.

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