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General Course Overview:  Senior Academic English

Welcome to Senior Academic English!  You can look forward to raucous discussion, insightful literary analysis, and college level writing as you complete your journey through the Governor Mifflin English program.  Below is an overview of this course and my expectations. 

Lord of the Flies         Animal Farm           Beowulf


Hamlet          Brave New World            Macbeth


The Canterbury Tales


Grammar:  Grammar will be covered on an as-needed basis.  We will continue to  stress the fundamentals while working on producing more polished  sophisticated writing with an emphasis on sentence variety, quote  integration, and finding your voice as a writer.

Writing:  You will write on various topics over the course of the year. However, there will be eight major papers which will serve as benchmarks in evaluating your writing.  This includes the literary research paper.

The Term Paper: This  major literary research project is comprised of a summary, sentence outline,  rough draft, and  final draft. For more information and handouts related to the term paper, check out the Senior English page!

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