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Thank you for checking my Teacher Pages.  I hope you find current information that is helpful to you. If any of this information is helpful, let me know, or If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  The best ways are:

Band information:

February 2014 GMIS Band News


Snow days, two-hour delays, what a crazy year so far.  Make sure you are taking your instruments home over night, you never know.  Snow days make great homework and practice catch-up days!  It is so incredibly important that we are all practicing at home.  If you are having a tough time finding the time at home, you are more than welcome to practice during recess (REPS).  But remember:


 - You must know your end time and be accurate in returning to class!

 - Be efficient with your time, choose a lesson book exercise, Smart Music, or section of music and focus.

 - If you play with others, agree on the selection and work together.


48th Annual Pops Concert and Dinner ~ March 8th, 2014


The Pops Concert is a district wide showcase for most of the ensembles here at Governor Mifflin.  We (GMIS Band) will be playing in the first of two concerts at 4:30PM.  Attached to this letter is a yellow letter about ticket orders.  It is a 48 year tradition here at Mifflin and it is a fundraiser for the Governor Mifflin Music Association. It is our only concert that we play in that requires tickets. The GMMA supports our music department many different ways like extra music, instruments, special repairs and much more. Put this date on your family calendar.  It is crazy soon.


You do not have to buy dinners, but is fun, the food is good and the company is the best!


Crack-of-Dawn Rehearsal ~ Wed, Feb 26th @ 7:40 - 8:27AM


With all of the missed rehearsal time from 2-hour delays, snow days, testings, and other events, I would like to offer a “Crack-of-Dawn rehearsal.” It is for both 5th and 6th grade band students. It will like the one we had before the Winter Holiday concert.  It is not mandatory, but highly encouraged.  The date will be Wednesday, February 26th.  We will be focusing on the Pops concert program (The Tempest, Ten Masters in Two Minutes, and Ode to Louis). The more students who attend, the better prepared we will be for our next performance.


Musicianship Levels and Smart Music


In closing, Ms. Height and I are very impressed with some of your progress these past few weeks.  We have had several 6th grade students that push themselves though Level 4 Musicianship. Many other also really begin to focus and gain many playing skills going from very little knowledge to playing complete songs IN DAYS! Keep working through the LEVELS.  The stronger your fundamental skills are, the easier it will be to play together in band.


The more you play your instrument, the easier and better it will be. It is NEVER too late to begin to practice more and catch up, never. Most of your advancement will come from you, but we are always willing to help you too.


10 Easy Steps to enroll in the GMIS Instrumental Music (band and orchestra)

1.  Be a GMIS student that wants to enhance their leaning experience in music.

            (Every students who wants to play, can.  See me.  We CAN work it out.)

2.  Consider about 2-3 instruments that you may like to explore.

3.  Come to a Music Discovery Night (Mon 9/17 or Tues 9/19; 6:00-8:30PM) and try out a few instruments.

4.  Make a choice on an instrument.

5.  Get an instrument and lesson book.  (rent, borrow or buy (renting is recommended))

            Loser’s music will be on hand with rental information at both music discovery nights.

6.  Commit and enroll in the program.

7.  ½ Hour, once a cycle lessons will begin about the first week of October.  

8.  Ensemble rehearsals begin after 1st lesson.  (5th Band, D 4 & 6; 6th Band, D 1 & 5; Orchestra, D 2 & 6)

9.  Practice 3 times a week for about 30 minutes a session.

10. Show off your musical skills at our concerts and performances! (See calendar link.)


My ensemble music credo


We study music in ensembles to:
have fun, collaborate with others, develop creativity, listen and respond to others, learn a fantastic ancient art, mature our character, develop autonomy, exercise our minds like nothing else can, become problem solvers, hone our focusing skills, give something back to others and create something beautiful.


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