GMIS Bands

Steven Holgate
Elementary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School


Band Schedule 

5th Grade Band will meet at 2:43PM in the bandroom on days 4 and 6.

Cylcle 16 - 5th will be on pages 15 & 16 in EE2000 and Bb major and Ab major in Band Warm-ups.

6th Grade Band will meet at 2:42PM in the bandroom on days 1 and 5

Cycle 16 - 6th will be working on pages 22 - 24 in EE2000. 

Should have the first GMIS Warm Ups and Alma Mater in the folders and all Band Warm-ups.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQ):


Which music teacher teachers what? 

Mr. Steven Holgate - 5th and 6th grade bands and two 5th grade music classes.

Mrs. Andrea Street - All district strings and orchestras except some 4th grade lessons.

Ms. Lori Height - 5th and 6th grade choruses and 5th and 6th grade music classes, also many of the Flute and Clarinet lessons.


(Revised 1/19/11)

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