GMIS Instrumental

Steven Holgate
Elementary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School



Which music teacher teachers what?

Mr. Steven Holgate - 5th & 6th grade bands, Orchestra on DAY 2  and all 6th grade music classes.
Ms. Lori Height - 5th and 6th grade choruses, 5th grade music classes and also many of the woodwind and violin lessons.


(Yes, that is Ms. Height, Mr. Holgate and Santa Clause.  Three very happy people.)


Who teaches orchestra?

Ms. Height and I share it.  I (Mr. Holgate) teach most of the lower strings and Ms. Height teaches most of the violins.  On DAY 6, Ms. Height directs the orchestra rehearsals and I direct the DAY 2 rehearsal.

When do ensemble rehearsal meet?

  • 5th grade band meets on days 4 & 6; 2:45 - 3:15
  • 6th grade band meets on days 1 & 5; 2:45 - 3:15
  • Orchestra meets on days 2 & 6; 2:45 - 3:15

What is expected of an instrumental music student?

~ Have access to a working orchestral or band instrument.
~ Have a lesson book.
~ Attend 1 half-hour lesson a 6 day cycle.
~ Practice at home at least 1 hour a week on their own.
~ Attend and participate in 2 half-hour ensemble rehearsals a 6 day cycle.
~ Perform with thier ensmble 3-4 times a school year.



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