Music Book Reviews

Steven Holgate
Elementary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School


Parents and Students are always asking about ....

       "What is a good solo book to challenge....?"

       "What is a good music book for Christmas solos?


My hope is that I can recommend some tested books for you to possibly buy or check out on your own.


Classics for the Young ..... Player, pub. Curnow Music - 8 familiar masterpieces by composers like; Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms

Most of the solos would be good for a 2nd or 3rd year player.  Comes with an accompianment CD that has a band playing with you.  The first track has a musician playing with you, and the second track is just the accompianment.   This would be perfect for the family recital, chuch, and even the GMIS Art show. 


1st Recital Series for ..... - Solos for beginner through Early Intermediate level musicians.


You can find most of these on,  and other sites as well.  Also, if you call Loser's Music, they could have it delievered to GMIS.


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