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Safe Games and fun time

Everyone likes to play games. Games can be educational, instead of resisting and fighting with your child, why not provide alternatives? Below is a list of alternative safe sites for games.


Fun Brain
Lots of fun (and educational) games for students in grades K - 8.
Games, activities, educational materials and other interesting stuff.
Enchanted Learning
Education, crafts, and games for the K-6 set.
Pauly's Playhouse
Fun games and activities for children ages 3 and up

Noggin--Early childhood learning. Toddlers up to 8 years old

PBS Kids-Great accompanyment to the TV station. Educational resources based on the safe shows seen on PBS.

Up To Ten-Great website for games and learning for kids...up to 10 years old.

StarFall--Great site for emerging readers. Your young reader will enjoy this interactive kid friendly site.

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