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Lots of us Google or Yahoo. Both search engines have safe searches within them. Why not use this to your advangage?

Google--Google's safe search allows you to turn its filter on and block out unwanted "naughty" information. If you want to make your Google safe. Do this: Go to Google and click on preferences. It is in that window you can force safe searching. Try it, it works!

The old Ask Jeeves has gotten quite a make over. It is now But, they have an even safer kids part. It is Ask for Kids.

AltaVista The family filter option is available from the settings page. The family filter option may also be protected with a password. Lycos Go to the Advanced Search section to set the adult content filter. All The Web Use the Customize Preference section to regulate content.

Subject Indexes

A searchable web directory created by "a bunch of librarians" at the Ramapo Catskill Library System.
A directory of educational and fun web sites created by educators.
Yahoo Kids (formerly Yahooligans!
An index to the Web for net surfers ages 8 - 14.
Great Sites for Kids
Directory of web sites for students, parents, and teachers compiled by the Association for Library Service for Children
Online dictionary, encyclopedia and almanac. Also homework help and some fun and games links. From Information Please.
This Australian site uses the Kids section of the Open Directory Project as the basis for its directory. Good collection of web sites for school work or just for fun.
CyberSleuth Kids
A searchable directory of web sites compiled by teachers.
Pandia Kids & Teens
This is a large directory of selected web sites.
First Gov for Kids
There is a wide variety of topics such as art, history, animals, and fun stuff at this US government site. It includes links to both goverment and commercial web sites.
This is a family friendy site with a search engine, and a directory of safe sites for all age groups. There are fun, games and educational sites for the kids, and recipes and other information for parents.
Education World
This is a great site for teachers, and you will find lots of links to web sites which will be helpful to students, parents, and home schoolers.
Think Quest Library
This is a collection of over 5000 web sites created by students for students. They include a wide range of school subjects.
KiderStart is a family-friendly portal with a searchable directory of web sites for both parents and children. This is a good site for the family that wants to surf together, but there are probably better sites for students who need information for school work.
The Awesome Library for Kids
Sites are arranged by subject matter.
A rather limited number of sites, but the ones included are good ones.
Surfing the Net With Kids

A guide to safe web sites by Barbara J. Feldman. There is also a good collection of games.

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