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Michael Kurtz
Secondary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Senior High School


America is a reflection of its citizenry

  • Welcome to Mr. M. Kurtz's website.  I enjoy my job and feel the opportunity to educate is a cherished gift.
  • This page will be updated weekly.
  • To find copies of current handouts, click on US Hist II, Local History, and/or Military History on the main page.
  • The best way to contact and clear up any confusion(s) is to always email me at

Classes I teach

  • US History II
  • Military History
  • Local History

Sports I coach

  • JV Golf 

 Europe trips I have had or will have the privilege of leading

  • 2006 - Military History Trip with a WWI emphasis to England, France and Belgium
  • 2007 - Cultural trip to England, Wales, and Ireland
  • 2008 - Military History Trip with a WWI and WWII emphasis to France and Germany
  • 2009 - Cultural trip to Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Austria
  • 2010 - Military History with a WWII emphasis to Italy and France
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