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Hello!  My name is Glen Martin, and I teach English 1142 (senior English), English 1141 (senior English, academic level), and English 1130 (Honors 11).  I am also the advisor of the Journalism Club.  On these pages, parents and students will find resources to help them better navigate through these courses.



Below are several links to documents applicable to all of my class levels.

Classroom Expectations

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English – Mr. Martin
Classroom Expectations – 2010/11
Students will be in their assigned seats and ready to begin work when the bell rings; repeated lateness will result in detentions. Students will also remain in their seats at the end of the period until dismissed by the instructor; congregating by the door is disruptive and dangerous, and therefore unacceptable.
Many class periods will begin promptly with a journal write. Students will take a piece of loose-leaf paper upon entering the room and begin writing immediately. Students will be asked to write short reflections on a variety of topics, ranging from class readings and discussions to events in their own lives. Journal entries will be kept in a section of the student’s English binder, which will be collected and/or checked periodically to monitor progress. Students should be prepared to participate in class discussions based around the journal entries.
You should familiarize yourself with the school’s Credit Denial policy, as it will be strictly enforced. Since the bulk of the work in this course will be done IN CLASS, it is necessary for you to be present to complete this work. In the event of an absence from class, it is solely YOUR responsibility to obtain missed work and handouts immediately upon your return.
Bring all necessary materials with you to class EVERY DAY; no exceptions! Avoid losing points due to carelessness and lack of preparation. All work (class projects, writing assignments and homework) is due on the date assigned at the BEGINNING of class. Assignments ONE DAY LATE will be reduced 20% or TWO LETTER GRADES; assignments more than ONE DAY LATE will receive a grade of ZERO. Some assignments will be accepted ONLY on the due date; these instances (i.e., Term Paper drafts) will be specified in advance.
There will be NO EXCEPTIONS made for late assignments due to lost materials, printer or computer catastrophes, or the like. If a student misses class but is present in the school building at any point during the day (i.e., comes in late or leaves early), he or she is still expected to hand in an assignment due. Students who anticipate being unable to hand in an assignment on time must come to see me BEFORE the due date to discuss the issue.
Expect tests and unannounced quizzes on class discussions as well as readings, research projects, and other assignments. Your grade in this course will be determined by a variety of factors, including grades on tests, quizzes, writing assignments, and projects; completion of reading material; overall preparedness for class; and constructive participation in classroom discussions.
In accordance with department and district policy, any work that is found to have been plagiarized will receive a grade of zero. Multiple offenses will carry disciplinary consequences. The most common examples of plagiarism include:
Ø      Using the work of another student and trying to pass it off as your own
Ø      Consulting a source (electronic or print) and using its words or ideas without citing them properly; failing to give credit to another author for his/her words or ideas
Ø     Copying, in whole or part, text from a website or printed work, and trying to pass it off as your own
Examples and more detailed definitions of plagiarism will be discussed in greater depth in class; students will be very familiar with how to recognize, and avoid, plagiarism.
Help yourself and others by respecting the right of ALL students to learn. Respect is the foundation of a peaceful, productive, inviting, and orderly learning environment.  To this end, students will refrain from:
Ø     Talking (this includes whispering) when another student or the instructor has the floor
Ø     Text messaging, using iPods, or using other electronic devices during class
Ø     Addressing other students disrespectfully; engaging in threats or physical violence, or “bullying” of any kind
Ø     Using religious, ethnic, or gender-based slurs, or foul language
Ø     Attempts to deliberately disrupt the learning environment
Ø     Using scented lotions, spraying perfumes or colognes, or applying cosmetics in the classroom
Ø     Leaving trash around the classroom, throwing items, or moving desks out of their rows
Again, it is vital to review Governor Mifflin’s student code of conduct, as all school rules are also in effect inside the classroom.
Consequences for failing to adhere to the behavior guidelines outlined here include:
Ø     Verbal or nonverbal warning
Ø     Detention (teacher or school)
Ø     Removal from classroom
Ø     Discipline referral (which may lead to In School Suspension or Saturday morning detention)


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