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Please visit this link to begin the Term Paper sentence outline process, using the packet's guidelines.  When you open the template, you must first save it as your own document, then begin to make changes.

Term Paper Sentence Outline template on Google Docs

Term Paper Project – Sentence Outline

English 1142
You have now taken ample notes on your primary and secondary sources that will help you to prove and support your thesis statement. Before you actually begin writing your Term Paper Rough Draft, it is useful to organize your ideas into a logical, cohesive argument by writing a sentence outline. A sentence outline differs from a topic outline in that all entries must be written in complete sentences. This assignment is worth 100 points, counts as a major theme, must be typed and double-spaced, and is due by 3pm Friday, November 18th, 2011.
The sentence outline begins with an introduction, which ends with your thesis statement. It is then divided into several major sections introduced by Roman numerals (II, III, IV) – these will be your body paragraphs. Each major section is divided into two or more subsections introduced by capital letters (A, B). The subjections are further divided into sub-subsections introduced by Arabic numerals (1, 2).
In a sentence outline, each Roman numeral will represent one or more paragraphs in your Term Paper. The subsections (capital letters) function as examples that will be fully developed using citations from secondary sources, examples and details from the primary source (your Term Paper book), and your own original observations. As noted above, you will use numerals to elaborate on subsections in your outline.
You must include at least six direct quotes from at least three different secondary sources in your outline; you must also include at least six direct quotes from the primary source (the novel you read).
The outline format will help you to decide how and where to use the evidence and quotations you have compiled from secondary (library) sources as well as quotes you’ll find in your novel. Once you have finished this portion of your project, you’ll have a framework in place that will guide you through the writing of your Term Paper.
Your first step in getting started is to complete the next page, which divides the body of your paper into three main sections. For example, if you’re following the development of a character, your sections might be: how the character behaves at the beginning of the novel; what experiences change the character; and what evidence is presented that suggests the character has changed. Remember that every single entry in your outline must be a complete sentence.

Outline Worksheet
Begin with a title that is indicative of your topic. The title must include the author and title of your book. Examples include:
The Battle of Good vs. Evil in Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Celie’s Transformation in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple
Thesis statement, as approved and graded:
First major division of your paper:
I. ___________________________________________________________
Second major division of your paper:
II. __________________________________________________________
Third major division of your paper:
III. __________________________________________________________
Each major division will represent 1 to 2 body paragraphs in your Term Paper. Organize your argument logically and carefully, remembering that you must provide ample evidence from both primary and secondary sources to support your ideas.

You may choose to add more to your sentence outline than is indicated above. Remember, the more well-thought-out and detailed your outline is, the less work you will have to do in preparing your rough draft, whose December 2011 due date will be announced in class.
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