Michael Thiry
Elementary Teacher
Cumru Elementary School


How often will I have physical education class?

You will have physical education class two days within the six day cycle. Each class will be thirty minutes in length. Your exact time and days for physical education will be based on your classroom teacher's schedule.

What should I wear for physical education class?

Please wear your sneakers for physical education. Flip flops, sandals, or "Crocs" are not acceptable or safe for class activities. Wear comfortable clothes for exercise and play (shorts, pants, t-shirts, etc.). Dresses and skirts for girls are not recommended for class activities. It may be necessary to wear a jacket or sweatshirt for outside classes.

What if I do not feel good or have an injury?

If you need to be excused from physical education class for any reason, a note from a parent or doctor is required.

Is there physical education homework?

No, but it is always recommended you practice any skills or activities we do in class.

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