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Michael Thiry
Elementary Teacher
Cumru Elementary School


Physical education class at Cumru introduces students to a variety of skills, activities and games designed to improve physical, mental and social development. Instructional time consists of a warmup, teacher led lesson, skill practice and a skill related activity or game. Along with individual improvement, demonstration of teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship are desired outcomes for all students in the physical education setting. Students in gym class might be caught demonstrating locomotor skills (running, skipping, galloping), practicing spatial awareness (tag games, skill games, jumprope), working on ball skills (throwing, catching, dribbling, kicking) and playing games (sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play). For many students a successful gym class means they are tired, sweaty and thirsty at the end of class.

Pennsylvania State Standards for primary physical education are incorporated into planned instruction in order to see gains in students knowledge and skill. They include: Concepts of health, Healthful living, Safety and injury prevention, Physical activity, and Concepts, principles and strategies of movement.

Physical fitness is also a major component in the physical education class. Cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, speed and agility are all important concepts the students are engaged in through active participation in class.

Help maximize your child's learning experience by asking about their physical education activities and trying them together at home. Your participation with your child will help reinforce the skills learned in the Cumru gym.

Be active, be healthy.

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