Michael Thiry
Elementary Teacher
Cumru Elementary School


A "to do" list for the spring/summr season:

  • take your dog for a walk
  • play a family football, soccer, or whiffle ball game
  • go for a walk around your neighborhood 
  • go bike riding
  • play flashlight tag, hide and seek, kick the can 
  • help work in the yard or garden  
  • do some push ups and sit ups
  • take a family hike at Nolde Forest, Shillington Park, or Gring's Mill 
  • go to a playground
  • play catch with a ball or frisbee 
  • jump rope
  • go for a swim 
  • go out at night and count the stars  
  • step away from the TV, computer, and video games
  • enjoy the fresh air and sunshine (use sunscreen) 

Be active, be healthy!

Enjoy the seasons, get out of the house!

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