Glenn Thompson
Head Certified Athletic Trainer
Governor Mifflin Senior High School



Getting Seen

We are available during the school year to evaluate and treat injuries. We see most athletes after school but do have limited hours during the school day to evaluate and treat injuries. No appointment is needed to be seen by the athletic training staff. If a parent/guardian prefers, an appointment can be made. Although very busy, all athletes will be seen in order of our choosing. Typically, game day,  in season athletes and acute injuries have priority.  Injuries that occur during practices or games, that the coaching staff is aware of, will be referred to the athletic training staff. After being evaluated, a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian or a note will be sent home regarding proper care and management of the injury. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to have their child evaluated by the athletic training staff and make the staff aware of any injuries or health concerns their child may have. Many times the athletic training staff can facilitate physical therapy and physician visits or elimate the immediate need for those visits.

Rehabilitation Services

Often times following injury evaluation, we provide a rehabilitation program to the athlete. This will be in the form of either home exercise, structured rehabilitation in the training room (time and space permitting) or a combination of both. We also provide post surgical rehabilitation. Time and space permitting, an athlete can supplement physical therapy done with a physical therapist with rehabilitation done in athletic training room. The process will be supervised by the athletic training staff. As the healing process progesses, more rehabilation can be done in the athletic training room and less at an off site physical therapy office until progressed back to  full activity.

Physician Services

Governor Mifflin's sports medicine provider is Dr. Steven Soffer of Berkshire Orthopedics. He is an outstanding fellowship trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon and highly recommend by our staff. For more information on Dr. Soffer, please visit When an athlete needs to be seen by a physician, the athletic training staff can  facilitate the appointment process, many times getting appointments with Dr. Soffer  the same day of injury. We encourage parents/guardians to contact the athletic training staff before making appointments with physicians.

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