Lisa A Smith
Elementary Teacher
Cumru Elementary School


1. When can my child begin to learn to play an instrument?

  • All third grade students learn to play the keyboard and the recorder during the school day.
  • An after-school instrumental program is available beginning in January of 4th grade. Papers to sign up for this program are distributed in January each year. There is a district co-curricular fee asociated with this program
  • Band and string instruments may be chosen beginning in fifth grade. Papers to sign up are distributed to all students in September. This program meets during the school day and includes small group lessons and a large group band or orchestra rehearsal

2. Who performs in the spring musical program?
4th grade performing arts performs a musical production or play each year during the month of May. 3. Are students graded in music on their report cards? Primary students (K-4) are not graded on their report cards in music. Intermediate students (5 and 6) receive a grade of O for Outstanding, S for Satisfactory or N for Needs Improvement. Classroom quizzes and tests may be given at every grade level to measure class achivement or evaluate instructional needs.

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