General Music

Lisa A Smith
Elementary Teacher
Cumru Elementary School

General music is no longer just a place where children come and sing songs, although we still do this. The children at Cumru master a set of essential skills just as they would in an academic subject. These skills are based on the national and state music standards. By the end of fourth grade, the students should be able to discuss basic concepts such as rhythm, dynamics,and tempo; sing folk songs from many different cultures; read and perform simple melodies notated in the treble clef; sing melodies using solfege;and have had the experience of playing many different types of instruments including recorders and keyboards. Kindergarten students attend music class once every six day cycle for thirty minutes. First through fourth grade students have general music for forty minutes every six day cycle. Music classes at the primary level are not graded. However,assessments are given so that the teacher can evaluate student achievement and adapt instruction accordingly.
GOVERNOR MIFFLIN school district
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