Keyboard Class

Lisa A Smith
Elementary Teacher
Cumru Elementary School

The keyboard program is wonderful opportunity that is unique to the Governor Mifflin School District. Each third grader has the chance to learn to play the keyboard as part of the music program during the school day. The program , which meets for forty minutes once every six day cycle, is only available to third graders. It allows students to learn some basic piano skills and to apply what they have been learning in general music class. Each third grade classroom is equipped with an electronic keyboard that is touch sensitive. Students have time during the school day to practice the assigned lessons each week. If you own a keyboard at home, this is an extra benefit, but it is not a necessity for students to do well in the class. Throughout the year, students work at their own pace to learn songs in a variety of leveled keyboard books. Target songs are announced at the beginning of each month to allow students to evaluate their progress, and at the end of the school year, a certificate, ribbon, medal, and trophy can be earned by each student as they finish the respective keyboard books.
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