Kristine Rosenberger
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Administrative Offices


The practice of tracking students by ability level has been shown to limit some students' access to learning. Because of the inequities in opportunity, "tracking" contributes to continuing gaps in achievement and low student success rates overall.

Governor Mifflin's  Equitable Academic Opportunities (EAO) initiative aims to ensure that all students are provided an equal opportunity to reach high academic standards. Implemention process includes:

  • Eliminating level 3 academic track classes in the core areas of English, mathematics, science and social studies.
  • Establishing and enforcing clear criteria for honors and advanced placement classes
  • Providing supplemental academic support for students exhibiting a need for augmented instructionI

Effective 2010, the school board voted to eliminate Level 3 Earth & Space Science (Grade 9) and Level 3 English (Grades 9-12). Concurrently, the Board voted to establish an honors English course for Grade 9. The district will continue to phase out level 3 courses over time.


EAO Goal:



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