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Director of Curriculum and Instruction
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During 2011-2012, the Governor Mifflin School District enters its fourth year of implementing the framework of the Learning Focused Schools (LFS) model. Every school building is participating in the LFS model - a model that utilizes the best instructional practices from high acheiving schools across the country. These practices are adapted to work in any classroom, in any building in the district.

The Learning Focused Schools model was developed by Dr. Max Thompson. This model provides strategies and solutions based on practices found in schools that have 90 percent of their students achieving at a benchmark of proficient or higher on high-stakes, standardized assessments. Many of these schools are also categorized as having 90 percent poverty and racial diversity.

LFS provides every student in every classroom within all school buildings a common, consistent language for learning. The framework utilizes the U.S Department of Education's exemplary schools research-based strategies that impact student achievement the most:

  1. Planning for instruction in teams or learning communities
  2. Prioritized and mapped curriculum
  3. Effective use of essential questions and graphic organizers
  4. Instruction of vocabulary in context
  5. Using summarizing strategies
  6. Using higher-order and extended thinking strategies

Governor Mifflin continues to strengthen this model within all district classrooms. In every building, groups of teachers have been trained by LFS staff to turn around targeted training to their building peers. During 2011-2012, these teacher leaders in the LFS model will be re-convened to continue to improve the needs within our district.

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