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English 12                                                                    

Course Overview                                                                        

Welcome Back!  English 12 gives you a chance to read interesting literature and write quality papers.  You can expect to write on a regular basis, read several pieces of literature, and engage in class discussions.  Below you will find a basic overview of this course and my expectations. 

Literature:         Beowulf                              Animal Farm

                              The Canterbury Tales     Brave New World             
                              Hamlet                              Lord of the Flies



Grammar:                 Skills and review will be incorporated into writing assignments and classroom lessons.  Continued emphasis will be placed on literary present tense, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, pronoun use, active voice, and sentence variety.   


Writing:                     You will have a variety of writing assignments throughout the year, but eight of your themes will serve as benchmarks for your understanding and execution of thesis-driven expository writing.  Refer to your Theme Requirements packet for more information.      


Tests & Quizzes:     Major tests will be announced at least two days in advance.  Most tests will include a combination of multiple choice, true/false, and short essays.  Quizzes may be given at any time.  Be prepared!


Notebooks:               I recommend that you keep a three ring binder to organize your paperwork for this class.  The binder should be approximately 1 ½ inches thick.  You are required to maintain a teacher provided composition book to record daily Essential Questions and vocabulary.  This will be graded quarterly.


Term Paper:  This year you will complete a senior literary term paper on a novel you select from a list provided.  This is an intensive project that will require library research and the completion of various steps in order to submit the final paper.  Much more information will be provided to you as we begin the project.

Some Pointers for Success:

1.     Come to class on time and prepared, which means having all necessary materials with you.

2.     DO ALL your assigned work.  Grades in this class are recorded as points, so unfinished work counts heavily against youExtra credit will be non-existent or extremely rare.

3.     Complete your work on time.  Late daily work exercises and assignments are not acceptedMajor papers are accepted only one day late, but your grade is reduced by 20%.  Failure to hand in themes after one day’s grace results in a zero. 

4.     Come to school -- it's much easier to keep up with work if you are here.  You are expected to be in class and on time. 

5.     Do not bring any food or drink to class.  Only water is permitted. 

6.     Do not leave any of your belongings or trash in the room.  Clean up after yourselves every day!

7.     Be responsible for getting make-up work and assignments if you are absent.  See me for handouts & assignments you may have missed while absent.   If you are in a school activity, plan ahead -- absence for a school activity does not excuse you from meeting due dates.

8.     For missed quizzes and tests, you have one full cycle to make up the work.  (For example, if you are absent on Day 3, you have until the next Day 3 to make up the work.)  Failure to make up any work in the allotted time results in a zero. 

9.     Respect your classmates and your teacher at all times.  Discussions will require you to respect your peer’s “air time” as well as his/her opinions.

10.  See me if you need help or are bothered by something in class.  I'm here before and after school. 

Required Materials:

1.     Handouts -- whatever we are using at the time

2.     English notebook and paper (Keep all handouts throughout the year.) Compostition books may be kept in the classroom.

3.     Pen (blue or black ink only) and pencil

Grading Scale:  Grades are computed by a point system.  Points are converted to a letter grade at the end of the quarter.  Please keep an accurate record of your grades in your notebook. 















Below 60%=F



I am available before school at 7:00 A.M. and after school until 3:30 P.M. Monday-Friday

in the English planning room.  

Please see me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year.




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