Fitness Testing

Ryan Peck
Elementary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School

The Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge

All of our students are currently taking this fitness challenge in class. These assesments are desined to motivate the students in our society to participate in activities that will enhance their fitness level. We are currently facing the HIGHEST childhood OBESITY level in history. We need your help as students, parents and community members to keep our kids physically active. The challenge is desined to motivate our youngsters through rewards. Some rewards include T-Shirts, patches, and certificates signed by the President of the United States. Below I include each assessment, why we perform each assessment, and some students who have performed these assessments. All of our results are compared to other students throughout the nation at the same age level.

Pull-Ups- This assessment measures the strength and endurance of thier upper body by performing as many pull-ups as they can.


6th Grade Cody Krick 13 Pull-Ups

5th Grade Evan Williams 12 Pull-Ups

4th Grade Fred Riccio 11 Pull-Ups

Shuttle Run- Testing their speed

Records (not all classes are finished)

6th Grade Mike Mayo 9.2 seconds

5th Grade Paul Ott 9.4 seconds

4th Grade Colin McNight 9.9 seconds

Congratulations Guys!
GOVERNOR MIFFLIN school district
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