Jennifer Gall
Elementary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School


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Language Arts Websites


Spelling City - 5th Grade

Study Island

World Book Online

Kids Search

Reading Skills Games and Activities

Harcourt - Grammar Practice Park

Harcourt - Go for Grammar Gold

Harcourt - Proofreading Makes Perfect

Vocabulary Games


Idiom Dictionary

Connotation & Denotation Activities




PSSA Reading Vocab Activities

PSSA Golf Game

Language Arts Skill Builders

Quia - Search for Skill-based Activities

Crossword PuzzleMaker

FunSchool - Language Arts Games

FunBrain - Reading & Mad LibsWords and Spellings Activities

Read - Write - Think

Instant Poetry Forms

Types of Sentences BrainPOP

Adjectives BrainPOP

Paraphrasing BrainPOP

Personal Pronouns BrainPOP

Math Websites

Everyday Math

Math Magician

Multiplication Facts Games

Math Skill Builders

PSSA Math Vocab Activities

Math Playground


FunSchool - Math Games

FunBrain - Math Arcade


  Social Studies Websites

National Geographic Kids - Countries

Time for Kids - Countries

Fun Country Facts

Fact Monster - Countries

Kids World Travel Guide

Rockin' Thru History

Nine Men Morris Interactive Game

Major Events of the Revolutionary War

Road to the Revolution Game

Civil War Clipart

Civil War Photos

Civil War Activities

Winter Olympics

FunSchool - Geography & History

Colonial Williamsburg for Kids

States, Capitals, and Regions Games

The Jamestown Adventure

The Electric Ben Franklin

Science Websites

Plant Growth BrainPOP

The Great Plant Escape

Growing Plants

Plant Activities

Food Chain BrainPOP

Food Chains 1

Food Chains 2


Food Web 1

Food Web 2

Build a Prairie

Simple Machines

The Night Sky

Constellation Game

Science for Kids

FunSchool - Science

Food Detectives

MyPyramid Blast Off Game

Nutrition Explorations

Animal Games

Fire, Flood, & Heat

Action Hero

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