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We are busy buying and processing new good books for the library.

Since the days are shorter and colder, there is more time for indoor reading.

Here are some of our reading suggestions:

Surprises According To Humphrey - Birney -

Humphrey, is a classroom Hamster, who has lots of adventures. In this book ,he has a scary run-in with a cat and he thinks that the new janitor is an alien. All students wish they had a class pet like Humphrey.

Snakehead - Horowitz -

Snakehead is the name of a gang in Southeast Asia known for smuggling drugs, weapons and worst of all people. Alex Rider is asked to infiltrate the gang and he accepts only because he hopes to work with the godfather that he never knew existed.

The Hero Revealed - Boniface -

The kids of Superopolis are trying to collect all 64 superhero cards. One of the cards is missing and hard to collect. Professor Brain-Drain is on the loose. He wants to use the kids brains for super powers of his own. Ordinary Boy is the only one in Superopolis without any powers. He uncovers and foils a sinister plot to destroy the town.

Deep and Dark And Dangerous - Hahn -

Ali goes to spend the summer with the aunt and cousin at the family's vacation home. She finds some old photographs in the attic. Ali recognizes the two children in the picture as her mother and Aunt Dulcie but who's the third person, the one who's been torn out of the picture. She stumbles upon a secret that the family has been keeping for thirty years.




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