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George Archer
Secondary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Senior High School


Hello! My name is George Archer and I teach two separate courses, APGOV (seniors) and APUSH (juniors). A description of these two courses can be found on my PROFILE page.

Both of these courses are difficult and require a major investment in time outside of class. I want you to know that I will make myself available to provide assistance when needed. In addition, please feel free to contact me via E-Mail.

It is important to appreciate that successful students in these classes keep up with the reading and generally "engage" in the material often, including evenings and weekends. It has been my experience that students willing to make the appropriate time commitment are usually successful.

As difficult and frustrating as these classes can be (at times), I believe that college-bound students are doing the right thing when they take AP classes such as these...Nothing will better prepare them for the academic rigors of college life than these classes...the high-level reading they will engage in, as well as the emphasis on writing in class, will strengthen not only their academic skills but their self-discipline. 


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