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Melissa Azzarello
Secondary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Senior High School


Welcome to my homepage!

  • Thank you for visiting! Homework and website links are provided to assist you. Pictures are posted for fun.
  • Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Let me know if your child has special considerations or if there is any additional way that I may help you and your child with their education here at Governor Mifflin. 
  • For help with CDT tests and Keystone exam preparations, go to
  • to download a .99 app for Keystone practice, or log in to with the ID (1st intitial of first name and all of your last name like John Jones = jjones) and password (gmhs2013) or click here for a list of websites by topics for more help. The best place to start is so enjoy. It has review videos and practice quizzes.
  • I use Reminder101 to text messages about tests and due dates. It is a cloud based service that routes numbers and messages through a website. Therefore, all phone numbers are anonymous. To participate, text the message for your class (or son/daughter's classs) to 484-334-8469 : 
  • Biology period 2 text     @mrsazzarel        
  • Biology period 9/10  text    @bio91    
  • Anatomy period 3 text     @mrsazzare  
  • Anatomy period 6/7 text      @9146
  • Genetics text     @geneticss    
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