Wanda Flores
Elementary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Intermediate School




Back to School Supplies


These materials are essentials you will need & use this year in 5th Grade:


v  1 zippered big binder OR 2 two-inch three-ring binders

v  1 pocket folder for binder

v  1 pack of tab dividers for binder

v  1 pencil pouch with three holes for binder

v  Several pencils and erasers

v  1 set of colored pencils

v  1 glue stick

v  1 pack of dry erase markers

v  1 sock for slates

v  1 box of tissues

v  1 thumb drive (minimum 4GB)


On the first day of school, you will receive a GMIS assignment book. This book will be used for the entire year and contains the student handbook.


Due to lockers being 6” wide, please do NOT bring wheeled book bags.


Also, lockers do NOT lock, so please leave purses at home.  Nothing valuable should be kept at school.



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