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Welcome to 6th Grade!!!!!!



Sixth grade is such an exciting time!  We continue to perfect our essential reading and writing skills!  We delve into wetlands and forces of motion!  We submerge ourselves in algebra, geometry, and fractions!  We explore ancient civilizations, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Medieval Times!  We empower ourselves with knowledge of all kinds!  Not to mention...we go on great trips and get to dress up as knights and princesses to watch some jousting!!! 


Sixth grade is also a time to grow and become the young adults and middle school students you will be next year!  One of the major areas we will work on this year is responsibility.  Being in 6th grade means being organized, responsible, and dependable.  We will grow together socially and academically. 


So...come on in to the Big Six Hive!!!  Let's work together to build a stronger and bigger hive!  Let's make so much honey that the hive overflows!  Then it will be time to spread your wings and fly to your next destination my busy little bees!  But...don't forget the Queen Bee when you are gone, her hive is always open for visitors! 


P.S. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns...I always love to hear from you!

Phone: 610-775-5083





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