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Governor Mifflin Senior High School


Lately, I have been having e-mail essues.  If you send me an e-mail and do not receive a reply within 48 hours, please resend the message.  The issue seems to apply to e-mails sent from gmail accounts.  Please use another email service, if available, or contact me at

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Dear Families and Friends,


Throughout the years I’ve been asked many times what I need for my classroom.  And this year with severe education budget cuts it’s an even more relevant question.  At this time of year, rather than anything personal, I would greatly appreciate a donation of supplies to help me teach. 


To make this easy, I found a free service, the National Teacher Registry, where I can keep a Wish List of items I need.


If you would like to see my Wish List, it can be found by following this link and it is available 24/7.  If you choose to purchase an item, I will receive notification of your gift immediately.  In many cases, purchases will be tax deductible.


Please feel no obligation at all.  I just wanted to address a question I am asked frequently, and let you know about the National Teacher Registry. 


Thank you so much, 


Mrs. Koller

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