Common Tech Issues

Nicole Koller
Secondary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Senior High School


This page is for addressing common technical difficulties students may experiencing when utilizing Mrs. Koller's webpage, the online textbook, or completing projects using technology.


  • When I try to write, the screen zooms in or out.
    • Click "shift."  This should lock the screen. 
  • My picture doesn't show up to insert into my Prezi.
    • The picture must be in PDF or JPEG (JPG) format.  Copy and paste it into paint and save it as JPEG.
  • I can't get the item as small as I want it.
    • Make it as small as you can, release it, then grab it again and make it smaller.  Just keep making it smaller in steps.
  • I want to turn the screen because it hurts my neck to keep tilting my head.
    • Hold "3" or "4" until the screen spins to the orientation you want.



Files on this Website

  • I can't get the rubric to open properly and/or the formatting is off when I open it.
    • You need to open it using a spreadsheet program.  Use Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.


Online Textbook

  • The chapter I clicked is the wrong topic.
    • Double check whether you clicked the chapter or the unit.  Units are listed first; chapters are below them.
  • When I open an online activity, I see a blank square.
    • Update your flash player.


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