U7 Cell Division

Nicole Koller
Secondary Teacher
Governor Mifflin Senior High School


Watch the podcast and complete the learning activities for each section.  When you feel ready, take the quiz.  You must earn 75% on the quiz before moving to the next section.  After all quizzes have been passed, take the unit test.  You must earn 75% on the unit test to proceed.
     If you would like to raise your grade, complete enrichment activities to add to your learning activities grade or retake quizzes or tests.

Use the links below to access podcasts and quizzes.  Some documents can also be cliked on to print an extra copy.



Section 1: Why Cells Divide
Why Cells Divide and the Cell Cycle Podcast
Cell Cycle & Chromosomes Coloring
Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction Venn Diagram
Quiz: Cell Cycle

 Section 2: Cell Division and Mitosis
Podcast: Stages of Mitosis
Mitosis Review Questions
Mixed Up Mitosis
Mitosis Pop Beads Activity
Onion Root Tip Lab
Quiz: Mitosis

Section 3: Cancer
Podcast: Cancer
Cancer Review
Quiz: Cancer

Section 4: Meiosis
Podcast: Crossing Over During Meiosis
Crossing Over Coloring and Review
Podcast: Meiosis
Meiosis Flash Cards
Mitosis vs. Meiosis Worksheet
Activity: Meiosis Pop Beads
Lab: Karyotype
Quiz: Meiosis

Unit Review
Essential Questions
Cell Division Review Stations
Cell Division Study Guide
Test: Unit 7 Cell Division

Cell Division Enrichment Activities

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